About Black Sea Law Company

BLACK SEA LAW COMPANY was established in 2008 and has rapidly gained a major share of the legal market, becoming one of the leading maritime law firms in Ukraine.

BLACK SEA LAW COMPANY has a team of qualified lawyers with profound knowledge and unique regional experience in commercial litigation and arbitration, IT, transport, insurance, corporate and infrastructure disputes.

The Company has three offices in Ukraine: Odessa, Chernomorsk (formerly Illichevsk) and Kherson.

The BLACK SEA LAW COMPANY and its Lawyers are proud to be members such organizations, as: International Bar Association (IBA), Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association (UMBA), Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA), Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents (FONASBA), Committee Maritime International (CMI) and others. 

Black Sea Law Company is the independent law company, which provides appropriate services to Ukrainian, foreign and international Companies, as well to individuals – residents and foreigners. The main office Black Sea Law Company is located in Odessa, the largest commercial and industrial centre in the south of Ukraine, and Company’s branches are located in Illichevsk and Kherson. Black Sea Law Company conforms to high international and domestic standards of providing legal services with considering huge practice experience in different spheres of legal practice like that: Shipping Law, Corporate Law, International Trade Law, Insurance, Tax Law, Investment and Building, Banking and Finance Law, Litigation and Arbitration. High educated specialists, which have deep knowledge and great experience in our Company’s practices, work in Black Sea Law Company. The Partners’ authority and their intellectual power allow our Company to offer full and efficient support for our Clients’ different questions. Partners’ authority and the strength of their knowledge allows the Company to offer a full and effective support in a variety of questions from our Clients. Black Sea Law Company maintains close partnership with legal counselors from different jurisdictions. It is also a member of international and Ukrainian professional organizations. Moreover, Black Sea Law Company has huge experience in partnership with Government entities and Public authorities, that gives us an advantage over other law firms in providing legal services in this sector. The Partners and the lawyers always refer to the Clients with high respect and consider all our contract and deals like long-term relationship and reliable cooperation.

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Black Sea Law Contacts
  • Address: 68000, Ukraine, Ilichevsk, The 1st May str. 1a, office 18
  • Phone: +38 (04868) 33 054
  • Address: 73000, Ukraine, Kherson, Krasnoflotskaya str. 17, office 204
  • Phone: +38 (048) 787 75 50

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